The Joys Of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful time. With a 5 year old and a 3 year old, this year has been magical, OK, well nearly. 5-year-old finished school term (ooo it was a long term!) with a streaming cold and a hacking cough. Moving from cold air, to heating plays havoc […]

Hello Jodie…

Meet Jodie, brought up in Newport, East Yorkshire before moving to Hull with her partner Chris 7 years ago. Jodie started her working life doing administration for an electrical contractors, which is where she met Chris. She tells me they met at the Christmas party and the rest is history or so they say! Since […]

5 is the magic number

5 is the magic number of the day! Today my little boy, “Mummy actually I’m a very big boy” turned 5. I’m not quite sure where the time has gone – a bit of a cliché for all parents – but seriously, 5 minutes ago he was wailing half the night and turning our life […]

Happy birthday

So today’s Birthday wish goes to a very special Angel. Janet, my unofficial business mentor. When I had the idea to run baby first aid classes, I ran the idea past my fountain of all knowledge, advisor and chief family baker Auntie Janet. “It’s a great idea Kate, I’ll tell everyone I know” Many hot […]

Phew it’s hot out there!

Kate – with my feet in a bucket of cold water. So someone has decided to turn the temperature right up, and boy it’s hot. Top that with Mini First Aid moving Head Quarters (I’ve moved house) and I am done in! The new Head Quarters (when finished) will be great, in the meantime we […]

Child Care Providers Challenge Parents

Kate – Mini First Aid This week I’ve been running 12 hour Paediatric First Aid for practitioners who work for the lovely Sunflowers Childcare who provide before and after school child care in Horsforth. For many of us, much that we would like to be at the school gates at 3pm, work prevents us from […]

Mini First Aid is expanding!

Kate – Mini First Aid Leeds When I launched Mini First Aid 18 months ago, I was motivated to bring accessible baby and child first aid training to parents and carers in a relaxed format. To date I have trained over 500 Mums Dads & Grandparents in the Leeds area. I’ve travelled further afield to […]